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Gallery of Lunar Images

Farside Lunar Northpole (right side)

click on the photos so you can see the structures and cities on the full size image. 

Structures are not visible on the thumbnails below due to lower resolution.

I only ask one favor in return. Please do not contact any of these agencies with questions and comments or challenge them to explain because they will only deny what you have seen and then they will destroy or modify the evidence so that no one else will have the opportunity to obtain the original images from the original source. It won't accomplish anything and it will ruin it for anyone else. If you want to bring attention to these photos, then go to a reliable major media source like Reuters (anyone but FOX) who are not afraid to take on these agencies by using their resources to bring about public pressure. This is the only way to accomplish anything.... and be sure to read my warning about certain high profile UFO hunters, organizations and experts. They are not what they appear to be.
This is an example of where the images below were obtained from a much larger global image of the moon's farside. This is just the right half of the moon's north pole region. Each column is numbered slice 1-4 (left to right). Each row is numbered A-E (bottom to top). The reason each section is cut so small is due to the size of each image when the resolution is increased to 1000 DPI in order to zoom in close enough to see the details. The resulting file sizes would lock up your computer if you tried to increase the entire image at the same time.

The white curved lines on the photos are longitude & latitude lines from a large global image. This is one of the few satellite images of the moon which  have not been  damaged by Navy censors. Even with the lines, these are the best sets of images of the farside of the moon showing massive colonies. These images are just the right half of the uppermost north pole region. In order to see the details of the structures & colonies, you will need to click on the thumbnails below to see the full size image.

Click on Thumbnail below to view full size photo with detailed Info
Slice 1A Slice 1B
Slice 1C Slice 1D
Slice 1E Slice 2A
Slice 2B Slice 2C
Slice 2D Slice 3A
Slice 3B Slice 3C
Slice 3D Slice 4A
Slice 4B North pole top 



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