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Irrefutable Proof

Advice to Gov't entities and NASA on how to share the truth with the public without creating societal meltdown. Eight simple steps to telling the public the truth they have been demanding without causing mass chaos or revealing your dark secrets and improprieties.


#1 Stop using Orson Wells "War of the World" radio fiasco which was broadcasting "Urgent News bulletins" that our country was under vicious alien attack.... as an excuse on how people would react. You have clearly missed the cause for the chaos that radio show created. It was not the fact that people thought aliens were among us, it was the belief that our country was under a violent deadly attack by vicious alien invaders which our military was helpless to stop. People believed their lives and homes were in imminent danger as the fake radio news bulletins were warning. This reaction would happen under any attack conditions if we were being bombed from terrestrial sources such as North Korea or the old USSR. But think about the reactions of a population which lived under constant fear of nuclear attack during the cold war. Or the reactions of people during 911. The public of today is accustomed to global threats. You did not see mass panic of the population during these events. Current day society is a lot more resilient than you give them credit for. You also did not see a massive panic when the group of saucers were reported across the country just prior to Roswell. Nor did you see a panic when they appeared over Washington DC. So, stop using this as an excuse to keep this info a secret. In fact, if corporations made some deals to provide products needed by the EBE's (which I suspect is already going on with some of your DOD contractors) people would be pleased at the prospect of new job opportunities. It could actually IMPROVE the economy.

#2 Stop listening to these religious organizations. Their concerns are not for societal meltdown. Their main fear is that the public will find out their church organizations have not been telling them the truth and may subsequently stop donating money. Although people may indeed find out about their true origins and history which would contradict their churches  teachings; the knowledge of extraterrestrials would probably increase their congregations as people would likely seek out comfort and assurances from their church organization. Many people may choose to disbelieve in ET's altogether as is their right to do so. So this religious meltdown concept is a fallacy and not worthy of categorizing as a valid excuse. 

#3 You don't have to reveal your dark secrets about the NASA space projects. You can still tell the people the truth about extraterrestrials without revealing the deceptions you have perpetrated against the public. See below.

#4 Release the information in stages a few months apart. First, start by telling the truth about Roswell and restore the honor and reputations of the witnesses you destroyed to keep this secret. The Marcel family deserves to be vindicated from the lies forced upon Jesse. 

#5 Second, you can tell the people what you found out about the EBE's physiology and their craft and where their races originally came from. And explain how the hive mentality works differently from our own society.

#6 Third, you can tell people about the crafts seen in various areas such as Washington DC and explain that the EBE's were only curious and searching for supplies. You don't need to tell them the rest of the details about the EBE's. You can tell the public you met with their representatives in the early 60's and have a mutual non-interference Agreement with them. This way you won't have to tell the people about the dirty backdoor deals and black projects. Just let people know that per your Agreement, they should not try to interfere with the EBE's and that the EBE's do not wish to be approached or assaulted and they should be treated with respectful distance. People can understand this if you explain it in the same terms as you would for a visiting dignitary from a foreign country and any interference could be met with deadly results. Nor do the EBE's want to engage in socialites with anyone.

#7 After a few more months of people getting used to that information, you can tell them about the colonies on the Moon and Mars. Just explain to people that they are there for ore mining reasons; they have been there for eons and they just want to go about their business without interference and would only come to Earth from time to time for supplies.

#8 Beyond that, you don't need to tell people any more. That should be sufficient information that would still cover up all of the lies and corruption you still wish to hide, including the moon landing. You can tell people that Earth does not have access to element 115 at this time and cannot physically tolerate the high EMF the EBE technology produces so we are not able to replicate their craft technology for our purposes, but it would be nice to at least explain the gravitational oscillation physics which allows their craft to travel across the galaxy above light speed in just a few weeks and the hyperspectral laser multiplexing communication methods they use.

So, you see, you can still come clean about extraterrestrials without this paranoiac view of societal meltdown while covering your butts about the dark secrets you wish to remain buried from the public. This entire "phased release of information" should be completed over a 2 year planned schedule. There is no reason to drag this out longer than that. It might even get people's minds off of the other political disasters currently looming over our country. You won't need to worry about the cooperation of world allies on the dissemination of this info since you have already made it clear to them through all of the other recent political blunders that you don't care what they think anyway. So, "Going Forward" you need to start planning out these information releases to the public to be completed over the next two years. It's about time you embarked on a plan you can actually complete in a timely fashion.