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Irrefutable Proof

Beware of Govt Debunkers posing as False UFO experts & false UFOlogy certification organizations


Beware of those high profile, "self-proclaimed" UFO experts and official UFO certification organizations. Certain of these well known individuals and groups have placed themselves at the forefront and in control of almost all UFO documentaries and videos, proclaiming themselves to be "The" source for information and certification when in fact they are debunkers in sheep's clothing, spread nothing but disinformation.

You already know their names and faces because nearly every UFO documentary features these deceptive experts as THE main authorities on UFO's. I won't mention their names, but they are the ones who pretend to be digging up the info from the archives for the public to keep all of you focused on Roswell while trashing the names of genuine, honest eyewitnesses such as Lazar and Corso. When you hear one of these UFO experts trashing high profile witnesses, every alarm should go off in your head and you should be asking yourself why they are going to such lengths to destroy and discredit their information.

Corso and Lazar and others have placed themselves in personal jeopardy to reveal the truth because they felt the public had a right to know. (my uncle was a scientist who worked at Los Alamos and was hired under ZIA company as Lazar. ZIA company does the hiring for Los Alamos Labs. The ZIA employees are not contractors. Like my uncle, they are full time employees of Los Alamos Labs. I have the Los Alamos records to prove this. I may add the documents to this website at a later date.

Lazar  and Corso are genuine, despite what that Govt disinformation UFOlogist "scientist" (who appears on nearly every UFO documentary) says. This certain Ufology scientist may have helped bring out info on Roswell at one time, but he has now focused his attention on discrediting witnesses and evidence, spreading disinformation. He has now either changed sides to become a debunker for the gov't and is deliberately keeping everyone focused on Roswell to divert their attention, or he is so narcissistic and arrogant that he wants to be the sole source of UFO info for the world.  Either way, I would recommend you check out info on your own rather than taking advice based on this UFOlogist's opinions. 

The UFO organization which claimed to be the source for "training & certifying" ufologists are also shills for the government. They make thousands of dollars for the training and certifications and then make themselves the reporting organization so they can control  any release of  evidence as well as monitor the activities of UFOlogists for the government, while finding ways to discredit any valid info provided to them.

Phillip Corso is another person who has been maligned by these disinformation UFOlogists and UFO organization spreading disinformation trying to discredit the few honest people who have come forward. Corso was not only over the R&D projects for the Army at the Pentagon handling the UFO technology, he was also the National security advisor to President Eisenhower at the White House for 4 years as well as a national security advisor to two well known Senators after his retirement from the Army. Corso's credentials are impeccable. My father who was in military intelligence worked at many of the same locations as Corso. If you want to know the truth, read Corso's book, "The Day After Roswell." This is how I found these images of the moon. He described where the colonies were on the moon, so I started looking at Satellite images and there they were, right where Corso said they were located.

The government will go to any length and recruit any person or organization in order to keep this secret from the public. There is no limit to the lengths they will go to in order to keep this info about the moon and mars a secret. Keep in mind that most physicists, astronomers, scientists, etc., all work for Universities, NASA or a DOD contractor companies. Their positions and salaries are dependent on gov't grants and contracts so they will not say anything which contradicts the gov'ts official point of view. If they do speak out, they are immediately slapped down, demoted or fired. There are very few scientists who are willing to stick out their necks on this issue and take a chance of losing their livelyhood.

These false friends of the UFO movement are working against those who want to know the truth. These false "experts" act like they are helping the UFO community on things like Roswell while they are really spreading disinformation and attacking genuine people who risked their own welfare to come forward. These false Ufologists, UFO organizations, scientists and sham cover organizations dedicated to debunking, are working in behalf of the government to intentionally keep your attention directed toward Roswell and the Face on Mars. They want to keep the UFO community occupied on the past to divert your attention from genuine evidence currently under your  very noses. Many of these documentaries, websites and magazines are funded by govt organizations to ridicule and debunk any genuine information or witnesses. The more ridiculous they make the UFO believers look, the better the gov't likes it because it makes people afraid to speak up and come forward. Just the simple tag "conspiracy theorist" has been an effective weapon to place ridicule on witnesses and believers.  Other tactics include placing debunkers into UFO groups and internet discussion groups to cause disruption and internal confrontations in order to neuter and disband the groups participants.

If you want to see genuine videos without having to put up with a bunch of skeptics, I highly recommend any video produced by George Knapp, Martyn Stubbs and Sereda.

So, if you want to know the truth, take a look at the photos on this site and then go to the government or NASA website and download the original images. By following the editing instructions on this site you will be able to see the evidence for yourself. Then you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these images are genuine. I am providing this info so you can prove it to yourself by obtaining the same photos directly from the government websites. In this way, when these false UFO experts try to trash this site, you can check the validity of the info for yourself.... at least until the gov't tries to ruin the original photos... but several of us have copies of all of the original photos.... just in case they try to do this.

The gov't does not want the public to know how much of our tax money has been defrauded from us in order to fund their black projects concerning alien technology, lies and illegal activities. When the public learns the truth, this lying and robbing the public coffers will have to come to an end. But in the meanwhile, they will go to ANY lengths to protect their black secrets. Our gov't has long forgotten that the govt is supposed to be representing the people, not lying, stealing and abusing their trust. You can also assume with that all of the G8 countries are in this together. Theory is an idea based on fact. Hypotheses are ideas based on speculation. Conspiracy Theory is not a label to fear like the gov't has tried to do. If something is called a conspiracy theory, you can safely assume that it is based in fact.... not speculation.... and it is the govt conspiracists who most fear the revelation of these facts. Don't let their attempts to place labels to intimidate people, dissuade you from learning the truth behind the lies we have all been told for decades.