Military Space Program


2000 USAF Handbook for the 106th Congress


Take notice that many of the USAF Spacecom Inventory satellites and vehicles are also for deep space and space defense purposes.... not just Earth originating threats.

In later USAF handbooks, most of their space inventories & proposed projects have been deleted from the handbooks.  I also have copies of all subsequent handbook inventories through 2006 which I will add later, but this one had the best info regarding space operations which have "other" uses beyond "Earth based threats."  You should read some of these RDT&E congressional budgets for the military space program research projects. They are very enlightening.

I love this one. This is a projected request for Space Maneuvering Vehicles. Reference the two pages I added below from the 2000 Congressional budget which subsequently approved the funding requested to build the SMV's for this project. Note at the bottom of this page, they are hiding this project under the "Future X Pathfinder" contract with Boeing and the first SMV was to be launched in a 2002 shuttle mission. 
This is the first page of the 2000 budget to cover the costs of these USAF space projects. Notice the row for spacecraft vehicles projected through 2005. Keep in mind that the dollars are in thousands with the last three digits omitted. This is a common practice for banks, govt entities and large corporation. Some will drop the last 6 digits when working in millions.
On this page, you can see where $15 million was requested for the SMV above.
This is the 2000 handbook version of the USAF Space Control. The 2006 version is even fancier than this showing how this is the core of all deep space monitoring. I will add that to another webpage soon.



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