Moon (Right half) North pole slice 3A




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Slice 3A full view farside moon north pole right half. This is a reduced image to fit on page. You can download full image below.
Slice 3A Left crop of full image reduced to fit on screen
Slice 3A right crop of full image  reduced to fit on screen.
Reduced copy of full original  image of the farside of the moon which can be directly downloaded from the Navy website at

Image Downloads:
Lower resolution jpg Higher resolution bmp
Full edited image Slice 3A Full image jpg 504K Full image BMP 8.55 mb
edited right crop slice 3A Cropped right half image as shown above jpg 272 K Cropped right half image as shown above bmp 4.29 mb
edited left crop Slice 3A Cropped left half image as shown above jpg 274 K Cropped left half image as shown above bmp 4.35 mb
unedited Original image from Navy global farside of Moon  original unedited global farside moon jpg 2.69 mb original unedited global farside moon bmp 14.97 mb
Direct link to original image on Navy website
Image Editing instructions
This is a sample of how to divide the right half of the lunar north pole into slices and rows.
Basic image editing settings for Slice 3A

To edit this image you will need to crop off the north pole section of the globe down to the first latitude line and then cut it in half to create slice columns and rows. When you increase the resolution to 1000 DPI, these image can get very large which may lock up your computer.

Click here for detailed photo editing instructions

Always save an unedited copy of the original photo so you can always go back and redo the image if you don't like the results.

This image works best with 1000 DPI to edit. After you are finished editing the best viewing DPI is 900. This can be increased or reduced further as desired. At this setting, the full slice 3A image will be over 8.55 mb in file size.

Important: read the computer capacity instructions on detailed editing instruction #7 before changing size or resolution because it can crash your computer if you are not set up to handle extremely large files.