Mars Image subregion 11B

Mars "Mare Boreum" (north pole) region 11



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This is a NASA Mars orbiting satellite image. This is a left crop view of subregion 11B which has been edited and reduced in size and resolution for web posting purposes. You can download higher resolution images on this page to see details more clearly.   
This is a right crop view 
This is a full view of 11B which has been reduced in size and resolution to post on web. There are structures and crafts all over the full size image.
Below: This is a full unedited copy of the original satellite image from the NASA website. You can copy this image shown below or you can go directly to the NASA site and download it:
Image Downloads:
Lower resolution jpg Higher resolution bmp
edited image subregion 11B Cropped full image as shown above jpg 2.92 mb Cropped right half image as shown above jpg 51.4 mb   WARNING VERY LARGE FILE
unedited Original image from NASA subregion 11B original unedited subregion 11B jpg 44 K original unedited subregion 11B bmp 759 K
Direct link to original image on NASA website
Image editing Instructions
Basic image editing settings for subregion 11B


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Always save an unedited copy of the original photo so you can always go back and redo the image if you don't like the results.

This image works best with 700 DPI. This can be increased further as desired. At this setting, the full image will be over 51.2 mb in file size.

Important: read the computer capacity instructions on #7 before changing size or resolution because it can crash your computer if you are not set up to handle extremely large files.