Irrefutable Proof


Valid, verifiable proof from satellite images found on official US NAVY & NASA websites. 

Here is a sample of just one image of the farside of the lunar north pole from the US Navy's Clementine satellite 12 years ago. (see gallery below for details & many more photos). 
This is the absolute, unquestionable proof of extraterrestrial life in the most astounding detail which you can download directly from official sites and verify for yourselves. Not silly face images or blurry lights. Massive thriving colonies, city structures, water sources and hundreds of crafts within our own solar system which our government has been covertly observing by satellites for nearly 4 decades.  It sounds unbelievable until you see it for yourselves. If I had seen these images from anything less than NASA or the US Navy, I would have thought they were fake which is why I am posting these photos and providing the links to those original photos on their websites so each of you can verify the validity of the photos I found. 

As an engineering executive & member of the scientific community for 30 years, I never thought it was possible for colonization of any other planetary bodies in our solar system under the harsh conditions. I did not believe 98% of the UFO reports and thought they were mistaken or fake. I used to scoff at the UFO community until I discovered these images a few months ago and  I was in shock that something this profound could exist so close to our own planet without our knowledge. This was the irrefutable proof I had been looking for.

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This image came from NASA's collection of Mars Satellite photos on their official website. This is the Mars North pole (mare boreum) and this is just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest.
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